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Technology innovations to open new doors

Businesses that are digitizing the customer journey are beginning to reap the rewards. Starbucks lets you pre-order your coffee in-app, and several chains are now supporting pay-at-table. This removes a big customer pain-point. UK restaurant chain, Pizza Express, found that 67% of diners hate waiting for the bill. In fact, we hate waiting for the bill almost as much as we hate queuing to pay in store - something that cost the European retail industry €16.3 billion in lost sales in the past 12 months.

QSRs are well aware of the need to modernize. In the 2018 Adyen EU retail report, QSRs showed the strongest need for tighter collaboration between ecommerce and restaurant ops. One-third of consumers stated a preference for digital channels when purchasing their meal. Many are asking themselves: How do we speed up payment? How do we make it easier? And crucially: How do we do this without disrupting our service with an entire system overhaul? This is where technology companies like Adyen and TikTik QSR come in.

TikTik QSR and Adyen have teamed up to create technology that enables a QSR restaurant to implement a mobile payment provider for in-app payments and terminal payments.

Powering growth for amazing companies. The platform built to simplify and accelerate global payments.

Pieter van der DoesCo-founder / President & CEO


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